Monday, December 19, 2016

Traveler's Notebook Comparison: Midori, Van Der Spek and Gillio

Hello Everyone...
In the video, I am showing you my little collection of Traveler's Notebook.  I started in Midori TN back in 2014 and since then I have been fall in love with it.  Midori is also the one that got me into planner community.  In this video you will see the comparison of the three different makers of TN I own.  I love each one of them and I believe these three completed my collection of the standard size.  I hope you enjoy the video.


Monday, December 12, 2016

Quick flip of my planners: Now and 2017 (Youtube Video)


I published a quick video regarding my Journal flip through and show you different planners/journals I am going to use for 2017. 

The video show case below planners
1. Gillio Giramondo
2. Gillio Appunto A6
3. Gillio Appunto A5


Friday, December 9, 2016

My Top 5 Favorites Traveler's Notebook Acessories

I am sure all of planner lovers have their own top favorite accessories they love.  I was inspired by Desiree +MommyReporter YT channel on this topic and want to share my top 5 with you all. 

No. 1 Happy Planner Pen Holder:  I own Midori Brande TN and Gillio Giramondo.  Both do not have built in pen loop so I use the Happy Planner pen holder that I got from Michael's to hold my pen.  The pen holder is big that can easily fits 5 colors Coleto or Fountain Pen. 

No. 2 Traveler's Company Pencil Board:  It provides a good hard surface to the paper and also can be a ruler!

No. 3 Heidi Swapp Gold Bull Clip:  Love love this bull clip.  I use it to hold down my pages when I am journaling and also use it in the photographs.  It is such a cute and functional clip!

No. 4 Traveler's Company Zipper Pouch:  I use it to hold bits and pieces and also stores my sticky notes.  In the photo, you can see that I also have the happy planner pen holder attached to the plastic insert . 

No 5 +LittleRavenInk Patreon Collage Sheets:  Every first of the month feels like a happy mail day! Courtney releases monthly collage sheets on her Patreon channel.  Every month I will get 4-5 collage sheets from her exclusive art works.  It is now become one of my most important elements when it comes to journaling and documenting my life.  The collages sheets are fun, unique and functional.  The photo feautres one of the December collage sheet. 

What is your top five accessories?


Monday, November 7, 2016

My go-to planners for 2017

So I was reading Seaweed Kisses blog post on "What will be your go-to planner for 2017".  I figured I will do a post about my plan for next year as well. 

Gillio Appunto A5 as my Art Journal, no words, just full of color and drawings
Gillio Giramondo Regular as my daily journals
Gillio Appunto A6 as my EDC with reference book, common place book and Hobonichi 2017 Avec
You can view some photos on my IG account of how I use them.

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From time to time, I will post some YT videos, you can view them HERE


Monday, July 4, 2016

#Onebookjuly2016 TN setup, my first Youtube Video!!

This year I am participating Onebookinjuly challenge hosted by Carie Harling, MissVickybee and RhomoanysRealm.  You can find those ladies on Youtube :)

This year I decided to try a size I never really give a shot, Fieldnotes.

DIY Fieldnotes TN
I have 4 sections in my traveler's notebook
Part 1: folders and pockets for bits and pieces.  Everything in this section is DIY by me besides the midori brand sizp insert.

Top loading envelope for photos 

Midori passport size plastic insert

DIY folders using The June Planner Society package bags 
Part 2: Future Plans for my appointments other tracking.  I made this insert via word doc.  

Part 3: Bullet Journal for daily logs . 

Part 4: Catch all book for different things I want to have with me all the time, such as my washi tape collections, ink collection and etc....

I tried not to bulk up the planner as it is my EDC.  

I have also uploaded my first Youtube video!
You can find me on youtube @ katslifeincali
#onebookjuly 2016 set up youtube link:


Saturday, May 28, 2016

Pink and Lotus Gillio Medium Compagna Review

Gillio Medium Compagna is the IT planner from Gillio Firenze.   I have been a ringless planner girl for over 2 years.  Every time I see those beautiful photos on the facebook page, I told myself one day I am going to try the Medium Companga when the time and price is right.  So, when I saw this IT planner show up on the Gillio Good Deals Corner site, I made the purchase right away. 

I made the purchase on Thursday and received it on Wednesday.  At first I thought the shipping cost is high (22 euro), yet, the shipping is so fast from Belgium to USA that I think the price is well worth it.  

Customer service at Gillio is probably one of the best I have experienced as they offer the online chat on their website. When I want to make an luxury purchase, I love to get my questions answered right away.  The online chat offers the speedy service.  If they are not available at the time, an email sent via the online chat to them will be answered within 24 hour.  

So here is the first look of my Gillio Medium Compagna 

Pink outside with Lotus inside.  All medium compagna comes with a leather flyleaf matches the inside leather color.  According to the facebook page, the leather flyleaf is to protect the ring from indentation to the secretarial pocket.  I quiet enjoy turning the flyleaf and use it as sort of dashboard.

It comes with 25mm ring, leather flyleaf, two secretarial pockets, zipper compartment, 5 card holders and the most famous large back pocket.  Since it is a "Good Deal Corner" item, it does not come with any inserts, pen and the leather certificate.  More product details, photos and color choices can be find on Gillio Website

Here is the way I have it set up for the month of June.  There are a lot of bits and pieces hiding in different compartments.

I have made a vision board behind my very pretty La Dolce Vita postcard.  The vision board is inspired by Michelle at Seaweed Kisses 

I keep some sticky note paper and also a print out from HNIllustration  with Oliclip on the leather flyleaf

There are four sections in my planner,

  • Future plan monthly:  DIYfish Black and White Dream monthly
  • Currently:  Zeitgeber Planner inserts for monthly and weekly spread and DIYfish Black and White Dream daily page
  • Notes: Convert Philofaxy daily inserts into Wish List, Notes, and To Do
  • Expense Tracker: Wendaful Design income and expense insert

My four color coleto doesn't really fit in the penloop on the Gillio.  I got another stick on pen loop on my page lifter to house my coleto.  I don't have much stuff at the backside of the planner yet. Currently only have some washi tapes.  

This is how it looks when it's load up.  I still have a lot of room to put more inserts, but I am happy with what I have now.  

Since this is my everyday carry, I put it in the sleeper bag comes with the planner.  It is a perfect size!

Ever since I have received it, I spent a lot of time playing, rubbing and figuring out what works for me and what doesn't.  Even my cat has been complaining and decided to sit on my planner and ask for more attention :D

I hope you enjoy this review.  Feel free to leave me a comment if you have any questions or concerns.


Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Van Der Spek Nomad as Workdori

I recently purchased this Van Der Spek Nomad from the facebook sale group.
I have to say I LOVE IT.   The leather smells phenomenal and it just happened to be the combo I am looking for!

 Janet leather brown outside with matched stitching.  I now understand why so many VDS fans love this leather.  It feels buttery, durable with lovely leather scent.  

Inside leather is the Janet yellow with matched stitching.  Since I just moved in this wee, the set up is not completed yet.  I just put some essentials in to get myself started 

Week one 1 page with notes as bullet journal for my work

I custom ordered a fabric insert for my TN on ETSY.  It was planned to be used in my Midori traveler's notebook, yet, the insert is too big and can only fit in my VDS.  

Three card slots 

A zip pocket on the other side of the insert.  I put my pencil board and ruler at the back of the Nomand 

VDS made this wider than traditional traveler's notebook so can hold 4-6 notebooks without overhang.   Love the leather and the pocket designs.  I just need to be smarter on what I want to put in this TN as it gets a lot heavier.  

Overall I really love VDS Nomad.  The pocket design is the most functional one I seem so far and the leather quality and the craftmanship is amazing.  I especially love their capability to do custom works.  VDS site:


Sunday, May 15, 2016

My Journaling Essentials

Currently I am journaling in a personal size blank notebook which I cut down from the Midori refill 003.  It is a nice blank paper that can handle stamps, distress ink, water color and fountain pen.  I am not a huge decorative girl and depending on how creative I feel for the day, I will choose how to layout the page.  Usually I go with the easy route, washi and colored pen. 

Here is what I need to have round me when I am journaling
  1. Black or blue ink pen:  Currently I am favoring  Pilot Metropolitan fine nib fountain pen
  2. Metal Ruler:  to write straight and use as a guide to cut if necessary
  3. Polaroid Zip Photo printer.  I LOVE this little guy! I compared the photo print quality with my cannon printer and surprisingly, the quality of polaroid is actually better than my Cannon.  Note my Cannon is Model # MG5230 ink jet, not the selfphy. 
  4. Exacto-Knife 
  5. Different designs of washi
  6. Scissor
  7. White out
  8. Cutting board
Document your life and journal on~



Tuesday, April 19, 2016

DIY A6 size Traveler's Notebook

So I am attending Southern California Planner Lovers Retreat this coming Sunday. 

This is the first ever planner meet up and I am a bit nervous and a bit excited.  The event includes goodies swap and gift exchange.  I made an A6 leather traveler's notebook as my gift exchange. 

I found this amazing notebook inserts at TjMaxx.  

It comes with four elastic band to hold up to 4 inserts

Front popper pocket can put any loss items, coins and etc.  it also has a full length pocket to put money or receipts

Two card holders and a full length pocket. 

The craftsmanship isn't perfect, yet, I enjoy making it. 
Go on my IG to see more photos and videos